Interested parties complete a form to inform the team of their interest in IGH Models. The team will then contact the interested party to direct them on the application processes and fees.

(Under 18year olds must have permission from their parents or guardians to apply)


Beta stage

Once an application is sent in, our recruiting team will contact the applicant and take them through a set of interview questions to establish the talent and skillset possed by the applicant. This will help the team to assign the right development plan.


trainee STAGE

Once the Beta Stage is completed the applicant will be allocated a development plan and then added to a group where there will receive daily updates and training for their development. 2 sets of Photoshoots will be organized for Models to complete an initial portfolio with an additional meeting with industry professionals.



Alphas are experienced and therefore will not need to go through the Trainee stage. Alphas will decide on an agreement or contract with IGH Models to either provide advise and support or work with IGH Models under a professional contract



Once training and development is completed, individuals who would like to sign a professional contract with us will be given the opportunity to join the team. IGH Models will then be responsible for finding such individuals jobs and projects.

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